Sunday, September 4, 2011

Philadelphia Police No Longer Respond to Minor Car Accidents

According to the Philadelphia Police Department, there are approximately 70,000 car accidents in Philadelphia each year.  In order to reduce costs, the police department adopted a policy in 2010 of not responding to minor accidents.  This policy, however, can pose a significant problem for victims of car accidents since serious injuries can, and do, result from "minor" car accidents.  These injuries may not evident at the scene of the accident.  Every victim of a car accident is different and each body responds differently to trauma. 

Things you should do in if your involved in a car accident in Philadelphia:

1.    Call 911;
2.    Tell them of your accident and ask them to send a police officer to the scene;
3.    Write down the name, address, phone number, driver's license number, license plate, type of vehicle and passengers with regard to the other vehicle involved in the accident;
4.    Take photos with your cell phone, or a camera, of the vehicles involved in the accident and the accident scene;
5.    Write down the names and contact information of any witnesses;
6.    If injured, go to a hospital or doctor;
7.    Visit your family doctor;
8.    Keep a journal of pain, lost wages, expenses, or anything else related to the accident;
9.    Take photographs of any bruising or injuries;
10.    Contact a lawyer to protect your rights.

Steven L. Chung, Esquire has helped clients obtain millions in settlements for victims of personal injuries.  He is a former Assistant District Attorney and is licensed to practice law in Pennsylvania, New Jersey, New York and Florida.  If you have any questions about a car accident and would like to sepak with a Philadelphia Car Accident Lawyer, please call us at (215) 688-5777 or visit us at  or at


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